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Samstag, 13.08.2022
Records - Schallplatten - Vinyl

TAR POND was found by Marky Edelmann (Coroner, drums), Martin Ain (Celtic Frost / Hellhammer, bass), Thomas Ott (Playboys / Beelzebub, vocals), A.C. Kupper (Demolition Blues, guitar) and Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, guitar). After Vetterli left the band Stefano Mauriello took over the lead guitar. Following on from that songs like «Damn», «Worm» and «Please» were created amongst others.

TAR POND started with the pre-production of their first album in spring 2017 before finally entering the studio in August that same year. The choice to work with former member and Coroner pal Tommy Vetterli as co-producer in his own studio (NewSoundStudio) could not have been better. Everybody was more than satisfied with the results. Just when the band had started to look around for the right label fate struck like a hammer. Martin Ain, close friend and bassist, suffered a stroke/heart attack and died on october 21st 2017. No words can explain how big the loss was and still is for his family, friends and the band. At this point Tar Pond was close to falling apart, but they decided to proceed and stick to the plan of releasing the songs. This is when Monika Schori, former bassist of Kuppers earlier band Demolition Blues, took part in a few sessions which resulted in her remaining with the band.
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TAR POND on this record are:
Bass - Martin Eric Ain
Drums - Marky Edelmann
Guitar - A.C. Kupper, Stefano Mauriello
Lead Vocals - Thomas Ott

Limited edition of 300 copies only! THE LAST COPIES!!!!

Titel: Protocol Of Constant Sadness
Label: D.I.Y.
Stil: Swiss 2000 - Up to now
Typ: LP
Preis: 29.- CHF

TAR POND - Protocol Of Constant Sadness


Side A:
Damn 13:22

Side B:
Please 7:32
Worm 7:27
The Spirit 5:35

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